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The Underage Abortion Trafficking Act, HB1895 sponsored by Representative Jason Zachary, (R-Knoxville) seeks to protect pregnant underage girls and their parents. The proposal would make it unlawful for any adult to recruit, harbor or transport an underage pregnant girl for an abortion procedure or procure abortion chemicals in order to conceal it from her parents or guardian.

Under current Tennessee law, there would be no way to punish this activity. 

The importance of this legislation has become even more urgent as the abortion industry has come up with ways to get around the laws in pro-life states like Tennessee. Recently, Planned Parenthood was caught admitting that they assist underage girls (or adults associated with them) to skirt state laws and transport pregnant girls without the knowledge or consent of their parents (see here).

Although aborting children is a crime under most circumstances in Tennessee. That is not the case in neighboring states like Illinois and Virginia. The abortion industry is funneling minor girls into these states for surgical or chemical procedures without their parents’ knowledge.

This law would make that a crime of unlawful abortion trafficking of a minor, a Class C felony. It would also create civil liability for this action.

Parents have a right to be involved with their daughters’ wellbeing. The abortion industry has no right to transport or obtain dangerous chemicals for underage girls while keeping their parents in the dark.


HB1884, sponsored by Representative Yusuf Hakeem (D-Chattanooga), would remove protections from certain unborn children. It would create gaping exceptions to the Human Life Protection Act including those for “mental health issues.” The effect would be devastating and would strip Tennessee protections of all effectiveness.

Both of these bills are scheduled to be heard in the House Population Subcommittee on Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 3:00 pm CST. Please click the link below to contact the House Heath Subcommittee on both bills. You will only have to fill out your information once to send both messages.

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